1. My wedding is about 35 days away and I’m planning on doing my own flowers through Sams as well. I looked at your post for a how-to and I feel more confident now. Also, I saw they types of stems you ordered; were the leaves in your bouquet just some that you left on the upper part of the flowers or did you order some to insert? I also have seen people recommending getting them in a day before you make them and letting them soak up some water, then after making the bouquets they refrigerated — did you do this or just leave them in vases? ALSO I was planning on buying my bridesmaids scarves like the purple ones you have in the pictures. Where did you get them? I wanted to order white ones online for them but didn’t know if I could trust the quality. It’s going to be a cold outdoor photoshoot! PLEASE tell me where you got them.. Thanks!

    • Hi Jax!

      Ok hopefully I can answer all of your questions here:

      1. Leaves – the leaves you see at the bottom of the bouquets are just some I left on the upper part of the hydrangeas. I pulled the giant ones that were further down, and it left me with plenty to give a good base at the bottom of it!

      2. Flower arrival – My wedding was on Saturday, so I had the flowers delivered on Thursday. On Thursday I took them out, trimmed them and put them in giant buckets to absorb water for 24 hours and ‘wake up’ a little. I then put the bouquets together on Friday morning so that I could get my nails done afterwards that afternoon before the rehearsal dinner. I didn’t refrigerate my flowers though…once assembled, I just put them in individual vases cranked the air down in one room and shut the door to keep it cool. As long as all of the bases of the stems stay submerged in water and it’s not super warm, you should be fine.

      3. Scarves – I got my pashminas from the Apparrel Mart in Atlanta, unfortunately so they aren’t available online anywhere…i’m sorry! But I would suggest looking on Amazon – find one that’s prime eligible with free returns and read the reviews. I’ve done that with several items and returned a few no problem! The good thing with Amazon is that Prime ships quickly, and if they are fulfilling it, they have excellent customer service!

      Here’s an example:

      Hope that helps…best of luck to you! I’d love to see pics of your bouquets once you make them!

      Jamie C.

  2. I am officially convinced that I can do my own flowers for my upcoming wedding thanks to your post and pictures! Thank you so much, you did an awesome job!!

    • Sonnia, I am convinced you can do it too! It just takes a little patience…don’t get frustrated with yourself if you have to take a bouquet apart and start over a time or two, you’ll get it in a flash! Best of luck to you!

  3. I found this post in the comments section of the huffington post story about why you shouldn’t DIY your flowers, thank you for giving that (clearly biased) author proof that you can create equally beautiful floral arrangements without breaking the bank.

  4. Hey! Amazing job. My wedding is in a year and I know I can make my bouquets, just one concern about storage, from thurs or fri for sat wedding would the flowers be okay in a cold cellar or do they need a fridge !?

    • Thanks Misti!
      I think you’d be fine with the flowers in a cold cellar. I didn’t keep mine in the fridge, I just put them in a small room with the air on full blast. As long as you hydrate them as soon as they come in, you should be fine. I would recommend waiting until Friday morning to make them though, if you receive them on Thursday. They arrive pretty thirsty, and need that time to hydrate, perk up and open up some.

      Oh and also, make sure that once you put them in the bouquet, that all of the stems are fully submerged in water at the bottom…I had one little stem that got cut shorter than the rest and it didn’t quite get wet enough and I had to cut it out Saturday morning because it wilted! 🙂