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ways-to-save-at-target-header copySometimes I feel like I should just hand over my entire paycheck to Target. It’s like a vortex of shoppy goodness that I can’t seem to walk away from. Here’s how my typical Target experience goes…

[enter internal monologue]
“Ok, I just need gift wrap, coffee creamer and light bul….ooh, look at that adorable journal. I know I have 10 other journals, but that’s so cute and on sale. I need it, yeah…i’ll definitely use it.
Alright let’s head over to paper towels (by route of the accessories section). Just the paper towels, you don’t need anyth… Oh look at that cute purse! It is summer now and I do need a new bright summer color purse, mine are so worn out. Oh, it’s on sale too? Jackpot.
Now wait, what was I looking for? Oh right, paper towels…”

I don’t know where this photo originated from, but it’s awesome.

And so it goes on and on until an hour, a shopping cart full and $150 later I walk out with way more than I came in for, and probably forgot one of those items on my list to begin with.But have no fear, I have some savings tips for you! I mean heck, if you’re going to spend half your life in Target, you might as well save a little money while you’re at it! (Helps me justify that pair of impulse wedges or earrings that just magically land in my cart)


1. Shop the end caps of each aisle for clearance and discounted items.         These are the often cluttered looking end caps that line the outer perimeter of the store. Did you know that Target has a markdown schedule? To catch items just as they get marked down, check out the schedule below:


2. Pay attention to the clearance tags.                                                                              These nifty little labels offer more information than meets the eye! Target has a system for marking down all items that you need to know about. Generally, most items are marked down at 30%, 50%, then 70% off. You can tell how much an item has been marked down by looking in the top right corner of the clearance sticker. (they mark down their sale items bi-weekly)Target clearance sticker

The other thing to pay attention to is the last digit of the price. You can tell by the last number whether or not an item is priced as low as it will go. Here’s the pricing protocol:

  • Item ends in “9” – Full Price
  • Item ends in “8” – Marked down once
  • Item ends in “6” – Marked down twice
  • Item ends in “4” – This is the lowest it will be discounted…grab it now!

3. Get the Target RED card. (DEBIT card)                                                                       If you’re money conscious like me, chances are you’re also like me and don’t use credit cards. Don’t run yet…this is NOT a credit card! Why should you get this card? Let me count thy ways:

  • It’s FREE.
  • It’s NOT a credit card – it’s a debit card linked directly to your checking account.
  • You save 5% on EVERYTHING every time you use it – in store and online (even clearance items)
  • You can still get cash back from your checking as if you were using your regular debit card.
  • You get an extra 30 days for returns.
  • You get FREE shipping online for everything.

I know you’re probably thinking…how have I not heard about this before? Probably because you’re like me and as soon as you hear the cashier say “would you like to apply for our Target RED card…” you think credit = debt = more money spent here than I already do (if that’s even possible) no. way. jose.IMG_3402

But I did some research and found out the debit card is the JAM. It’s super easy to apply for (just go to the customer service desk with a voided check, and it takes 5 minutes tops). I got one for myself and the hubs…both linked to our checking account. 5% may not seem like much savings, but think of it this way….if you spend $100 there a week (which is easy to do, especially if you buy groceries there)…then that’s $5200 spent a year. 5% off = $260 in savings. Why wouldn’t you do it?! Just make sure you ask for the DEBIT card, not credit!

So there you go friends…next time you go to Target you can feel a little better about that yoga mat you bought that’s just going to collect dust in your closet as you eat the candy you found in the dollar section, cause hey….you saved extra money!

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by, endorsed by or paid for by Target. In fact, they have no clue who I am. I just find a lot of good deals there, and think my readers should too! However in full disclosure, some (not all) links provided are affiliate links. I do NOT make any commission for you signing up for the RED card…I just think it’s a great deal!


  1. Love this girl! Don’t forget about the $.05 per bag discount when you bring your own reusable grocery bags! Plus, use your RED card to sign up for the pharmacy rewards program: for every 5 prescriptions filled get a coupon mailed to you for another 5% off your purchase! This can be combined with the 5% RED card discount! Whoop whoop! Oh, and don’t forget about for great target groupie info including clearance items found and coupon match-up deals.

    • Love it! Even more good stuff! I didn’t know about that website…i’ll have to check it out! Thanks friend!

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